Monday, September 16, 2013

EP33: Featuring "Echoes in Porcelain" by Konstantine Paradias

Episode 33, featuring "Echoes in Porcelain" by Konstantine Paradias. Hosted and narrated by Chris Boyle. Music Thanks to Duckett.
Episode brought to you by the release of  "Cannibal Fat Camp" on Audible and iTunes

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  1. I'll be honest: Echoes In Porcelain was mostly inspired by the emergence of the Golden Dawn as a political party in-parliament here in Greece. This, couple with the fact that their offices are right across the street from my house and their Party leader being a customer, I have been greatly exposed to some of Greece's WORST examples of xenophobia.

    I always believed that Lovecraftian fiction (iconic thought it may be) needed to be represented in a different way to match the times. The idea of the Drownies and their ghettos, of leaving their ancient, choked homeland seeking a better future was endearing to me, as well as the problems they would have to deal with when handling both split-toes and the ones they brought along with them from their homeland.

    It's an honor to have Echoes in Porcelain both featured in a podcast and to hear the opinion of someone who gets the idea behind it. Thank you for telling this story.